Scott Carney

Hi, I’m Scott and I run everything on the Photographers Keeping it Real side of things, together with my fiancé Sarah. I’m a wedding photographer, asking the same questions as you, how to run a successful business, whatever success means to you.

Photographers Keeping it Real started in 2017, and was set up so the documentary side of wedding photography had a place to showcase its amazing emotive power, and to create a platform that was an antidote to the endless posed images that filled existing awards and Facebook groups. We took over from the wonderful Andy & Gaia in September 2022.

Our aim for PKIR? To keep raising awareness for amazing documentary wedding photography, help our members to run successful businesses and do our best to improve the industry.

I’m proud of how the awards and our Facebook Group have become internationally recognised, how PKIR has become a fantastic supportive community, and how it continues to grow and evolve.

Over the last few years documentary wedding images have become much more appreciated and revered, and any part PKIR played in that is something that fills me with immense pride.