Andy Hudson

Hi, I’m Andy and I run everything on the Photographers Keeping it Real side of things, with my wife Gaia in charge of Brides Keeping it Real.

Photographers Keeping it Real has been my baby since 2017, and was set up so the documentary side of wedding photography had a place to showcase its amazing emotive power, and to create a platform that was an antidote to the endless posed images that filled existing awards and Facebook groups.

I felt REAL images were massively under appreciated and under represented, and wanted to do something about it.

I’m proud of how the awards and our Facebook Group have become internationally recognised, how PKIR has become a fantastic supportive community, and how it continues to grow and evolve.

Over the last few years documentary wedding images have become much more appreciated and revered, and the part I’ve played in that is something that fills me with immense pride.

Gaia Hudson

Hi, I’m Gaia and I’m in charge of everything for Brides Keeping it Real.

With the growth of Photographers Keeping it Real in to an international community I felt it creating a wedding blog around the concept of ‘Keeping it Real’ would be a great addition to things.

Traditional wedding blogs can often be all about details and weddings that cost a lot of money, and so I wanted to create a home for brides (and grooms) who wanted to do things themselves, create their wedding in their own style, and use photographers with the awesome Photographers Keeping it Real ethos of nothing posed, nothing staged, just REAL moments and REAL weddings.

Of course the blog itself would be nothing without the PKIR community, and so I created a directory on there for couples looking for awesome documentary wedding photographers, and regularly write features in collaboration with the community on things that are important to brides who are looking to Keep it Real!