Welcome to the 100 Club #11 – all these images made it to 100 likes (or more) in our awesome Facebook group in recent times.

It’s incredibly hard to make it in to the 100 club, so let’s all give a big high 5 to every photographer in this list!

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The best wedding photographers are KEEPING IT REAL!!!

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Chelsea Cannar

Daniel Ackerley

Daniel Ackerley

Daniel Ackerley

Eve Dunlop

Eve Dunlop

James Fear

Johanna Grzonka

Lee Dann

Linda Bouritius 

Rachel Clarke

Tom Beynon

The following images went supersonic and reached 200 likes… double high fives all round!!!

Charlie Palmer


A huge thank you to everyone who continues to contribute to our wonderful Facebook group. The team at Photographers Keeping It Real feel honoured to host such a supportive group full of the very best wedding photographers on planet Earth. Keep up the tremendous work!

The best wedding photographers are KEEPING IT REAL – join us now to enter our awards and win BIG prizes!!!