This is probably one of the most unusual and awesome shots we’ve ever seen, tell us just what’s going on here.

During Hannah & Faren’s drink reception they had access to the fun fair at their wedding venue, what more do you want at a wedding!

The bride & groom decided to hope onto the big wheel, so I knew I only had a few minutes tops to grab the shot.  I was super chuffed to achieve this a few bursts into them flying around before they tipped back up the right way.

Were you also on the ride with them?

I wasn’t on the ride, I was tracking them from the ground across the field, I’m not one for rollercoasters lol.

I was lucky enough to shoot a few seasons of World Super Bikes before I ventured into weddings.  I was taught by some amazing professional sports photographers how to track/pan after fast moving objects.  Never thought I would need this at a wedding though!

What gear and settings did you use to take this image?

Gear: Sony a7iii / Sony 70 – 200 F4.

Settings: Shutter 1/1000, Aperture F4,  Focal Length 85mm.

Who were the couple and what can you tell us about this wedding? It looks like it was a fun one!

Hannah & Faren tied the knot back in August last year at Marleybrook House (Kent).  It was an epic day spent with a great bunch of lovely people.  Hannah & Faren had opted for the venue’s fun fair package which went down a right storm.

Gotta love a traditional fun fair at a wedding!  Riding the dodgems whilst photographing was a tad tricky!

How did it feel to hear you’d won our image of the year? You were certainly up against some stiff competition!

Genuinely SHOCKED!  The competition was tough, just being nominated was a great feeling.

Photographers Keeping It Real has some awesome photographers!  It’s great to see so many different types of approaches to weddings and certainly does push yourself to see things a little different. Thanks guys for doing what you do!

Check out more of James’ awesome work HERE, and also a selection of images from Hannah & Faren’s wedding below:

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