The ‘Portfolio’ section of your website has the title ‘Keep it Real’ (which we loved to see).  Tell us about your approach to shooting a wedding and how you keep it real.

My approach is never to intervene.  I let everything happen just as it happens for my eyes, and I try to be there to capture that perfect moment.

You capture so much emotion and happiness in people’s expressions, what’s your secret to achieving this?

I don’t know if there is a big secret behind that.  People are normally happy and emotionally charged at a wedding and so am I.  I think I just have a trustworthy face and people are not afraid to show great feelings in front of me.

That plus Ninja-skills of course ;-).

Let’s talk gear, what do you usually take to a wedding and why?

I am a big fan of having a backup for a backup, so my car is fully loaded with gear… but when I am out shooting I normally carry one or two bodies with two lenses.  For example a 24mm and a 55mm lens. Sometimes just one body with a 24-70mm – I can shoot almost the whole day with just that lens…because I am lazy ;-).

So less is more.  For the dance floor I shoot a mix of natural light and sometimes a flash on camera in combination with a wide lens, for example a 16-35mm. When I am in the mood I place an additional flash somewhere in the room (not that often… as I said, I am lazy) The import thing for me is to be flexible at all times.

Nowadays I shoot with Sony cameras, because for me they are the perfect combination of quality and inconspicuousness.

As a great storyteller what are the key things you look for on a wedding day to really help tell the story of that day?

I think I do the basic stuff.  I shoot a lot of landscape pictures to set the scene, and I shoot some details to fill the place with feelings that everybody can understand.  After that you can shoot everything that happens in that place. 

Very important for me: When there is a change of location, I shoot a lot of transition pictures. Without that the story makes no sense at the end.

You’ve only been a member of PKIR for a short time but have already won many awards.  How do you feel our awards are different to others?

I like the approach of PKIR – no fake stuff, just the real shit.  I also like the fact that the members can also vote on awards. 

It is pretty clear what you can expect from PKIR.  I like it when something is easy and transparent, and PKIR convinces here to the fullest.

Who are your biggest influences and how have they influenced your wedding photography?

I am strongly influenced by reportage photographers like James Nachtwey, Don McCullin and David Alan Harvey.  Great storytellers without fear.  I try to shoot weddings (of course these are no war zones) in a journalistic style just like those great masters.  I try to keep it real and simple.

We loved the travel images on your website, how important is shooting personal work and how does it influence your approach to a wedding day?

This is the main reason I started with this great journey into photography – I love to travel.  I think when traveling it is very important to be open minded and tolerant of all the people on this big wonder called earth.  It helps me to not take everything for granted, and over the years I’ve completely lost the fear of getting closer to people I don’t know.

Personal work is the most important source for me to stay creative and motivated for my wedding photography.  I started with the conservation of my own memories, and now I am doing this for others.

How can we learn about how to do things a little more like Tobias?  Do you ever speak at workshops and if so do you have any planned for the future?

No, there is nothing planned.. I am not a good speaker.   However I love to meet colleagues and to talk about all the topics that matter.  As I said I am not doing something special – just don’t be afraid to get close and dirty ;-).

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