Our judging process explained

There are many ways it seems that wedding photography awards are judged, always by independent judges, usually photographers, and we decided this was the best way for us to do things too.  However we wanted to do things a little different, we know with some awards the judges can see what the average rating given to an image by the other judges is, or the site owners pick a selection to send to the judges, we wanted ours to be completely impartial and not influenced in any way.  So here’s how it works:

– 3 judges are selected and they are all winners from the previous round, who better to select the winners then those who won in the previous round?

– We send ALL images to the 3 judges – All images are renamed so the judges don’t know who submitted them.

– Winning images are any image selected by 2 or more judges as a winner.

– Judges CAN enter the awards but the CAN’T vote for themselves (this means they need a unanimous vote by the other judges to win an award).

– The images where only one judge selected them as winners go in to the ‘Nominee pool’.

– The ‘Nominee pool’ is then sent to the judges again and they are asked to select their favourite 3 each (they can’t choose their own images).  These images then make up the Nominee vote which takes place via our Facebook group.


We keep it simple, fair and completely impartial at all times, but you know we do that with everything, it’s how we roll!

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Image by award winner Ross Hurley