Here’s our fabulous line up of judges for the summer awards, all three were winners in the previous round – we love to reward our community, so who better to judge than those who won last time?

Don’t forget to enter (click HERE), the deadline for submissions is midnight UK time on 20th June 2018.  Hey, if you win you might even be chosen to pick the next winners!

Important –  You may enter any photograph taken within the last 2 years.

Good luck everyone, we can’t wait to see your work!

Karen Strange

I’ve been photographing weddings for the last six years and have aimed from the very beginning to have a photojournalistic approach. I want my images to show people as they are, and have meaning and longevity, so I try really hard (and sometimes fail) to ignore cool trends that come and go. Before this I used to photograph people and families and swore I’d never shoot weddings but then the inevitable happened, a friend got married, I shot the wedding and I’ve been addicted ever since. 

Everyone has their own story that influences their character and the way they work and my story draws me towards people and especially family – on a wedding day I constantly look for connection and emotion between people even if it risks losing out on crowd pleasing shots.

The biggest things in my life are travelling, watching films and hanging out with my family full of boys, a lovable Flat Coat Retriever and a princess cat. 

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Dave Scholes

Despite being the 4th generation in a family of wedding photographers, like a lot of people I got into wedding photography by accident. I did a photography degree in Manchester, but to be honest was more interested in being a DJ, perfecting the art of spaghetti bolognese, and mastering the skill of making £60 a week stretch to two nights out and a bag of new records!

After Uni I spent about 6 years doing family portraits in a Venture studio, doing the odd wedding here and there for extra pocket money. I was made redundant, so in 2010 I started working for myself as a wedding photographer. This is when I fell in love with photography.

Like everyone here in PKIR, I’m all about the real moments. I like to get in the thick of it. I’m always hunting for laughs and tears and little stories. If I can capture that in a nice frame then even better. Much to my wife’s frustration, I’m borderline obsessed with wedding photography. I put everything into every wedding, and am always learning and trying to be better. I’m drawn to big, impactful, emotional and funny moments. Bold warm colour, and strong Black & white images with strong compositions.

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Annie Prentis

Hello! I’m Annie, a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, offering relaxed, creative, fun documentary photography across Scotland, the UK, Europe and beyond.

For me, photographing a wedding day is all about immersive, brilliant, joy-filled storytelling – covering big moments, small moments and everything in between. I well up during the vows, belly laugh during the speeches, and am in the thick of it on the dance floor – and I bloody love every minute of it!

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