Welcome to the Photographers Keeping it Real – Spring 2018 Awards.

The following images were nominated by our judges as candidates for the final 2 awards – as part of the Keeping it Real community you get to help choose who wins (our judging process is explained HERE), how awesome is that?!

The Nominee vote takes place via our Facebook group, don’t forget to join and pick your favourite if you aren’t already a member.

Voting is now underway, two of these images will join those already confirmed as winners for the Spring 2018 awards. You can see the finalists below:

1 – Dave Scholes

2 – Aleks Kus

3 – Andy Turner

4 – DaVID hallwas

5 – gavin power

6 – hannah Hall

7 – kelly clapperton

8 – lionel taplin

9 – luke slattery

10 – zo taylor

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite image via our Facebook group and take part in the only wedding photography awards that gives their community a say in who wins!

Please note from the Summer awards onwards all voting will be open to members only and take place entirely via the website.