We’re delighted to announce our judges for the Keeping it Real Spring Awards – now open for submissions!

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Deadline for submissions is Wednesday 8th June at 11:59pm (UK time).

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Heather Butterworth

I’m Heather, a photographer from lovely Leeds. I live here with my husband (and videographer) James, our two kids and grouchy cat Stuart, who definitely won’t be winning awards any time soon.

It may sound cliched, but I honestly love everything about shooting weddings. Everyone is happy on the day, it’s such fun and a privilege, I always leave on a high. I take a real pride in capturing the day as it unfolds, seeing all the little stories play out and then creating beautiful atmospheric images that our clients will love.

Something else I love about what we do is the endless room to develop. There is so much brilliant work out there, I try not to stand still for too long, and I always make the time to look at what everyone else is up to when awards are announced.

I’m so chuffed to be asked to judge the Spring Awards for PKIR and I can’t wait to see some more stunning photos!

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David Blateyron

Travelling around the world until 30 years old, I discovered family and wedding photography a few years ago and started to capture lovely and funny moments around me. I’m always looking for details or perfect moments, laughter and tears, proud or ridiculous poses, lonely people or a band of friends.

All the couples I meet gave me their trust and gave me the possibility to enter their world, which is essential to catch souls, love and intense moments. I just love to be there with you guys.

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Eve Dunlop

Hello, I’m Eve Dunlop. A photographer now based in the Cotswolds, although I still describe myself as a Londoner.

I’ve been a photographer for most of my life and have 17 years experience in the wedding industry.  I also shoot theatre photography, something I will always make time for as its challenging and I love that. You also meet loads of awesome people!

My personal approach to weddings is to be who I’m needed to be, I have enough confidence to know I can technically do a good job for my clients but for weddings, specifically to capture ‘Keeping it Real’ moments a level of trust needs to be built and quickly, so they relax with me in their space. So that’s how I approach each day, with no expectations except to get the best out of the people I’m there for.  It’s all about the people for me.

I love looking at other photographers’ work, especially images you can ‘feel’ so I’m thrilled to be asked to be part of this round of judges.

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Andy Tyler

Hello! I’m Andy, a photographer in London who shoots a mixture of corporate and wedding photography.

Wedding photography is where I express my creative side, and I fell in love with it when looking for my own wedding photographer. It was that moment when I realised that there were some absolutely amazing photographers out there creating awesome images at weddings, so I wanted to give that a go myself.

I love brilliant documentary photography with strong compositions, but I’m also drawn to photos with killer light and clever use of off-camera light, be it flash or constant.

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