Andrew Billington
Photo by Peter Farrell

I’ve been photographing wedding stories for the past ten years. Before that I was working in theatre telling other stories.

My approach has always been very unposed and candid. I try to get photos that tell the story about the particular day I’m photographing, context and emotion are central to the photos I want to capture. I’m conscious that it’s not all about the photography (or photographer) on a wedding day and taking a backseat can actually yield better results than trying to ‘make’ the photo.

I live in Staffordshire with Rachel and my two doggies, Ginger & Betty.

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Radka Dolinska

Originally from the beautiful city of Kosice in Slovakia I came to England 11 years ago to explore the British culture and learn the language. I’ve been taking pictures since I was 15, always with an interest in social documentary photography.

I hardly ever plan anything when it comes to my wedding photography. I just wonder around on the day and react to what I see, the same as when I am shooting on the street. I observe and always try to look for a picture even in the most boring scenarios. I think I have a curious eye which I get from my mum. I also always try to remember this quote from Andre Kerstesz – “Events and mood are more important than good light, and the happening is what is important”.

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Amy Woodward-Taylor

I’ve been shooting weddings for just over 7 years. Before that, I was a graphic designer, first for broadcast television, then in print (which is quite the order to do these things in). I suppose I shoot with a naturalistic style as I’m not a fan of organising people and I stress at the thought of making anyone feel awkward, so candid and un-posed ftw. I love colour, I love not colour, I love people being people.

The quiet moments tend to be the ones that draw me in; the snippets of conversation, the thoughtful or reflective minutiae that fall between the big loud weddingy fun-times.

I live with John and our two children, who are a lot bigger than they were when I started all this, so my current work/life plan is to train them up and force them to work for me for free. They’ve said no. The little shits.

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