Well, We hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year! It’s good to be back, and we’ve entered a whole new decade!

We wanted to kick of 2020 in style, so without further-a-do it’s time to open the WINTER AWARDS!!! Here are our fabulous judges and prizes for this round:

Don’t forget to enter HERE, the deadline for submissions is Midnight on 29th January, and if you win you might even be chosen to judge in a future round of awards!

Don’t forget the top 3 win the amazing prizes PLUS an additional prize from the awesome Light Blue is also up for grabs (TOTAL PRIZES WORTH OVER £1700!!):




PLUS additional prize of 12 months Light Blue software licence worth £288 will go to which ever image the folks over at Light Blue loved the most (could be any winning image, not just one of the top 3)!!!

A HUGE thank you to Pixellu, QT Albums and Light Blue for kindly donating such amazing prizes!!!

Important –  You may enter any photograph taken within the last 24 months.

We wish you all the very best of luck, we can’t wait to see your work!

Chelsea Cannar

Hi, I’m Chelsea!

I’m originally a graphic designer who has always had a keen interest in photography. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to do in life, I just knew I wanted it to be creative and I wanted the freedom to do it my way!

I’m currently settled in the Lake District where I love indulging my sweet tooth, bouldering, films and being highly caffeinated.

I’d originally snubbed weddings, wrongly assuming it was fluffy, girly and a little bit bland. I shot my first wedding for a friend and I found it incredibly frustrating and unnatural because I was doing it how I thought it should be done. The moment it all clicked  was when I started second shooting for Helen Whittaker, my eyes were opened to documentary photography and finally I was capturing weddings in a way that made it fun and interesting to me!

I had also wrongly assumed I’d be an “in the background” type photographer, but I’ve found that’s really not me! I get so much joy from interacting with people and I’ve discovered that becoming a part of the day is really the best way to stop being noticed – plus it’s pretty hard to hide as a tall ginger lady!

As for my photography style, it has been described to me as relaxed, fun and a little bit earthy.

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Stacey Oliver

I’m Stacey, a Prosecco-loving, football-mad mum from Sealand, North Wales with a passion for photography and the odd Caramac cocktail.

Naturally, my walls at home are plastered with pictures of my sons, Ollie and Lewis – my unrelenting models – but when I’m not lugging my cameras around, I’m out enjoying the North Wales countryside with my nearest and dearest. Llangollen is a particular favourite.

How many people can say they truly love their job? Well I really do. I had 20 years experience as a press photographer, and then I found my passion for wedding photography. I’ve captured some of the best moments of a couple’s life, and some of the funniest. I was the wedding photographer at Peckforton Castle, who managed to capture an owl attacking the best man. The moment quickly went viral and earned me some of my most recent wedding photography awards.

I love getting to play a part in a couple’s special day, exploring new venues and constantly looking for imaginative ways to capture and immortalise unforgettable moments through my photography. Capturing a tear trickling down a groom’s face, the beaming pride of the mother of the bride, and the true love between newlyweds is what it’s all about for me.

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Jamie Ousby

Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Hong Kong. I shoot weddings across Asia and all over the world!

I started my career as a camera operator & engineer for BBC News & Sport back in 2002 and moved to Hong Kong with my wife in 2008. There’s no TV industry in Hong Kong so after a few odd jobs, I saw a gap in the market for documentary wedding photography. As a former photojournalist it seemed like a logical step to take. So I started doing weddings 6 years ago and have shot over 300 weddings since then – it’s been quite a journey!

Each and every wedding I work on is a story. I take a lot of images on a wedding day. There are so many little moments that the couple didn’t see that make their story come to life. On the wedding day I have an assistant to do all the group shots and details. He’s great and as everyone thinks that he is the main photographer, I can blend into the crowd just like a guest.

Close and wide is the key to my style and I want people who see the photo film afterwards to feel like they were there – part of the story.

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