Episode 15 – York Place Studios 

Show Notes:

In this episode I welcome Dom & Liam from York Place Studios. The documentary wedding photography siblings are known for their unique style and are a huge influence for so many documentary wedding photographers. And they have now written a book!!

Titled ‘Is This Something’, it’s way more than a photo book, delving into mindset, packed full of advice and tips to help you when photographing weddings (or anything really) and contact sheets showing you inside the minds of this iconic photography duo. They have broken down each section of a wedding day and of course you get a big section on what to photograph when ‘nothing’ is happening… pre order here now.

As well as a big chat about the book (obviously) we discuss shooting the dance floor without flash, street photography, showing what you want to shoot and attracting ideal clients. We also discuss speaking at events, composition, layering and much more…

Want a signed copy of their book? Listen to the podcast to find out how.

You can also hear what Dom & Liam plan to speak about at the next NineDots Gathering (or some of it anyway).

Check out all the links below and as always thanks for listening and supporting PKIR.

A massive thanks to Dom & Liam for their time and the best of luck with the book launch.

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More information and to pre order the book – https://seeminglyinsignificant.com/ 

York Place Studios Website – https://www.yorkplacestudios.co.uk/

York Place Studios Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/yorkplacestudios/

NineDots Gathering – https://nine-dots.co/gathering/

NineDots Gathering Slideshow by York Place Studios – https://vimeo.com/146921573

This is Reportage Podcast – https://thisisreportage.com/podcast-episode-129-york-place-studios-on-is-this-something/

Alex Webb – http://www.webbnorriswebb.co

Martin Parr – https://www.martinparr.com


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Don’t forget to check out York Place Studios awesome work here:

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