Episode 30 – What you are not doing with your marketing *but should be, with Alice Benham

In this episode, I welcome business and marketing expert Alice Benham. Alice shares amazing tips on creating a simple marketing strategy, managing burn out with positive habits and some great tips for creating your own content without feeling too salesy!

Alices new book, The Digital Marketing Handbook comes out on the 20th June 2024. Find all the links below on how to order and find out more about Alice.

Show Links:

  • Alices Website – https://www.alicebenham.co.uk/
  • Alices Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/alice_benham/
  • The Digital Marketing Handbook – https://www.alicebenham.co.uk/book Discount code for 20% off on pre order – ABCOMMUNITY20
  • OnPaper.shop – https://onpaper.shop/ 
  • Starting the Conversation Podcast – 



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