We’re delighted to announce our judges for Round Three of the Keeping it Real Awards 2023 – now open for submissions!

It’s officially summer (not that you would know it in the UK with all the recent rain), we are very excited to announce the judges for Round Three of the awards. We are very grateful to all the judges who have agreed to give up their time to help with this round. We personally love each of these photographers and believe they will bring a lot to the judging panel for this round. With not one but two duos there will be 6 people looking at your images, extra tough this round!

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Deadline for submissions is Tuesday 15th August at 11:59pm (UK time).

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Lyndsey Goddard

Wedding photographer of the year 2022 from The Masters, Top 100 from Fearless in 2022 and countless awards from TIR and WPJA, Lyndsey is without doubt one of the best documentary wedding photographers in the UK (and world). We are very pleased to have Lyndsey as a Judge for Round Three.

I’m Lyndsey. I live on the Kent coast with my husband, Steve, and (very old) French Bulldog, Ozzy.

Alongside photography, I love rummaging in junk shops, sea swimming, cooking, and losing hours at my allotment.

I’ve been full time for 14 years but shot my first wedding back in the summer of 2003 (which was a disaster!)  Most of my weddings are in London, but I work all over the UK, Europe and as far afield as India and New Orleans. My style is observational with a big dose of humour, and I am fortunate to work with couples who value authenticity and an unobtrusive approach.

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Matt Burgess

We are very pleased to welcome Matt to the judging panel for Round Three, no stranger to awards, winning several from PKIR, The Masters and many more. We love Matt’s style, branding and photos and we can’t wait to see the images he chooses.

Hey there! I’m Matt, a creative documentary wedding photographer in Manchester, Wigan, to be exact. I spend my time shooting weddings and being a creative freelancer where I get to flex a multitude of design skills, in video, 3D, website design, and illustration. Oh and chasing around my 1-year-old daughter, which turns out to be the hardest task of all.

My approach to photography is heavily influenced by street photography, where I naturally capture the wedding day with very little input apart from some contemporary-style portraits of the couple. I’m a lover of capturing people and their interactions with one another. When I get the chance, I love to walk around big cities to discover and document the ever-changing environment of humans doing their everyday tasks and capture seemingly uninteresting moments.

After winning several awards with PKIR and being the first body to start my whole awards journey off, it’s an honor to be asked to judge the next round of potential winners. I’ve become a better photographer from having awards in mind.

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Hollie & Patrick Mateer – M and G Wedding Photography

Hollie & Patrick Mateer, amazing Yorkshire documentary wedding photography duo with multiple awards to their name. I had the pleasure of speaking to them both on the podcast recently (check it out here).

Patrick and Hollie Mateer are award winning documentary wedding photographers. Based in the UK, they are known for their artistic style – dynamic, colourful images full of energy and life. Images that draw the viewer in – compositions that stand out from the crowd. In 2022, Hollie and Patrick won the coveted TWIA National Wedding Photographer Of The Year award – and Hollie was named a Rising Star Of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder Magazine. Also, in 2021, Hollie and Patrick won our overall PKIR Wedding Photographer Of The Year award. Artists, educators and mentors – Hollie and Patrick are passionate advocates for the very best in reportage wedding photography.

We are very pleased to welcome them back to the judging panel for Round Three.

Danilo & Cris Almeida 

Not one but two amazing photography duos for the Round Three judging panel! Danilo & Cris Almeida are a hugely talented pair with A LOT of awards behind them. Based in Brazil we are huge fans here at PKIR and we can’t wait to see which images catch their eye.

We are Danilo and Cris Almeida, a couple of photographers passionate about the art of Wedding Photography, with a history of 27 years of friendship and much love. We have been in the world of wedding photography for 9 years and for 3 years participating in photo contests. Today we have more than 500 national and international photography awards.

Over the course of 3 years we have achieved: – Photographer of the Year Award by the Bride Association – First Place Trophy from the FineArt Association – International Title “BADASS Photographer of The Year’’ – Top 2 ProWed Award – Brazil -TOP 25 BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD BY FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS – We received the Title of Ambassador of the Bride Association – We started our journey as Speakers at the Largest Photography Congresses in Brazil In addition to the awards, we have the experience of being judges of the biggest photographic contests in Brazil and the world (FineArt Association, Prime Photo Association, Bride Association and Fearless Photographers) and now we are very happy to be judges here at PKIR!

Some of our personal tastes, Danilo is an anime fan and Cris is a Mexican soap opera fan. Phrases from Danilo and Cris: – ”One of the strengths of our work is that we are passionate about the study of Art History and its application in Wedding Photography.” (Danilo) – ”What makes our photography different is the fact that we leave home always ready to do our best at each wedding.” (Cris) “Together we photograph the present to enchant the future”

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