Episode 17 – Hamish Irvine 

In this episode we welcome Leeds based photographer Hamish Irvine. A huge personality and talent with a colourful, personality filled style. It was a huge honour to chat to Hamish, he hasn’t spoken on many podcasts before and to hear his passion for photography / art and business was inspiring. 

We Discuss;

  • Playing the saxophone, jazz music and music in general
  • Work life balance, travel, burn out and do we create our best work at the start of the season?
  • Should we be less involved in the wedding photography community?
  • Working with couples and the importance of pre wedding shoots for Hamish
  • Other genres of photography, squash (the sport, not the fruit)
  • Websites, is it worth spending the money to have your website built professionally?

Members Only Content;

  • VAT registration, why Hamish went VAT registered and his thoughts 
  • Marketing / leads – how’s 2024 looking for Hamish and where do most of his leads come from?
  • Rant about art / social media and printing photos (it’s a good rant! and very interesting)

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Don’t forget to check out Hamish’s awesome work here:

Web // Insta