Episode 19 – Tyler Wirken & Foundation Workshop UK Special

In this episode, Scott welcomes world renowned documentary wedding photographer, Tyler Wirken. Tyler now runs Foundation Workshop, often talked about as one of the greatest wedding photography workshops in the world, and it’s finally coming to the UK. Full details can be found here.

Tyler talks about why Foundation has the format it does. How it changes a photographers mindset and improves your overall photography going forward.

In this episode Tyler & Scott also discuss mentoring, mindset and what does ‘documentary’ actually mean to them.

This episode is a must if you have even a tiny interest in Foundation Workshop and want a better understanding of what it is and how it will change your life!

Show Links:

Tyler Wirken Website

Foundation Workshop UK

Tyler Workshops & Mentoring

Erin Chrisman

Erwin Darmali

Susana Barbera

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