Episode 22 – Lessons from Second Shooting over 80 times with Tom Beynon

In this episode we welcome Tom Beynon to the podcast. Tom is a huge talent with many awards from Photographers Keeping it Real, This is Reportage and Fearless. Tom was named NineDots photographer of the year in 2022.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Toms journey into photography, starting as a documentary wedding photographer
  • We ask can you really be unobtrusive at a wedding?
  • After second shooting over 80 times for 40 different photographers, Tom shares his tips for second shooters
  • Advice for entering awards
  • Much much more…

Show Links:

Toms Website

Toms Instagram

Photographers mentioned on the podcast:

Chelsea Cannar

Patrick Mateer

David Stubbs

Chris Denner

Members only:

Tom opens up and talks honestly about bookings, pricing and the current state of the industry. We look ahead to 2024 and although this is a long one, I would really urge people to listen to this section as it’s a good one.

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